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November 12, 2013 - No Comments!

Wine/Beer/Oil Bottle Project Inspiration Shots

This is just a quick collection of some interesting bottle packaging and label design for wine bottles I found at a local store. Although I am not redesigning a wine bottle, I still found that the various shapes, sizes and solutions to the label problem could inspire something for my beer packaging. Hopefully you find that some of these inspire you as well.

2013-11-09 16.34.46

2013-11-09 16.34.52

2013-11-09 16.35.51

2013-11-09 16.36.08

2013-11-09 16.36.43

2013-11-09 16.36.52

2013-11-09 16.37.02

2013-11-09 16.38.03

2013-11-09 16.38.46

November 10, 2013 - No Comments!

Beer Bottle Package Redesign

I have decided to redesign both the Pumking and Warlock beer from Southern Tier Brewery in New York. I plan on doing a seasonal double pack with special packaging to store both. Here are what the current labels for each look like. Pictures of the bottle and some inspiration to come.

a2007 FINAL hoppe 22oz bottle


2013 blackwater_warlock


November 7, 2013 - No Comments!

Final MODA Package

Here is Mariana and my final product for the MODA project. We are both very happy with how it turned out both in design and the overall feel of the package. It was such an amazing opportunity to work with them and we are excited to hear their decision.

P1020420 copy


P1020417 copy

P1020412 copy


P1020365 copy


P1020372 copy

P1020376 copy

P1020381 copy


P1020377 copy

P1020384 copy

P1020387 copy

P1020398 copy

P1020405 copy


October 29, 2013 - No Comments!

Richard Renaldi’s Touching Strangers – A Photographic Experiment

I found this video while browsing the internet for inspiration. It is a photographic experiment by Chicagoan photographer, Richard Renaldi. With this experiment he set out to unite total strangers in fleeting moments of intimacy in order to show us humanity in its ideal state. Renaldi was able to evoke strong emotions from his subjects just by asking them to pose together. Take a look at the video for yourself and check out more of his work at

October 28, 2013 - No Comments!


A designer's workspace can say a lot about who they are and how they work. Generally I run on two different wavelengths when it comes to work. When I need to work creatively I like to get out of the house and experience a change of scenery. When it comes time to dive into the work with a well-thought out idea in hand I like to sit down at my home-base  and get into it. Here are some photos of my workspace at home as well as a shot from a frequent spot of mine.





Here is my usual spot at Condesa Coffee. You can often find me here toiling away on the next creative project. Stop by and say hello!


October 25, 2013 - No Comments!

Checking In…

Each week I feel as though I must check in with any of the numerous design blogs I am subscribed to.

The Obvious:

Design Milk

Design Observer

I Love Typography

Logo Design Love

Smashing Magazine

The Obscure:

Minimally Minimal

David Airey

Live from Bklyn

Swiss Miss

I highly recommend checking these out for yourself and subscribing to them if you are interested. It is healthy to have well-curated inspiration at your finger tips. You never know when you will need it.

October 15, 2013 - No Comments!

The Art of Knolling and 90 Degrees – Inspired by Doing

I recently purchased and read an iBook from Industral Designer and blogger, Andrew Kim, entitled 90 Degrees. It explored the new art of knolling and provided instructions on how to accomplish it. The book went over examples of knolling in everyday life and design including architecture, museum displays, surgical tools trays, storefronts, electronic components and much more. The book also crafted an incredible user experience through expert use of the iBook format. There are split pages with interactive sliding elements and embedded videos. Knolling has inspired many of my designs because it has it basis in the art of geometric shapes and form. Organization also plays a huge role in knolling and is easily interpreted into applications within graphic design.






©Andrew Kim

Check out the full book at the following link and download it for $1.99.