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October 29, 2013 - No Comments!

Stefan Sagmeister- Happiness Through Design

When looking for inspiration and motivation I often dive into the archives of TED Talks. There is so much good content to consume across all sorts of fields. Tonight I watched Sagmeister's "Happiness Through Design" and in this video he makes two powerful statements about happiness in relation to design:

  • Being happy while experiencing design.
  • Being happy while designing.

These two ideas were  inspiring to me and I thought I would share them both. I hope these can inspire happiness in your everyday life. Sagmeister has several interesting studies and experiments dealing with happiness and I highly recommend checking them out.

October 2, 2013 - No Comments!

BREAKING NEWS: Magazine Update




Just a placeholder image currently. This just was evocative of the aesthetic I was leaning towards for the feature article of the current issue. I want to evolve Macworld into a more humanized publication and the use of photography containing human subjects with tech devices will help push it in the right direction while still maintaining the tech magazine appeal.

2013-10-02 12.26.32 HDR


The table of contents page needed to be more focused and contained. I wanted to highlight the feature spread and create hierarchy within the other articles. Once again the image is a placeholder for future photography as well as the bottom bar.