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The Art of Knolling and 90 Degrees – Inspired by Doing

I recently purchased and read an iBook from Industral Designer and blogger, Andrew Kim, entitled 90 Degrees. It explored the new art of knolling and provided instructions on how to accomplish it. The book went over examples of knolling in everyday life and design including architecture, museum displays, surgical tools trays, storefronts, electronic components and much more. The book also crafted an incredible user experience through expert use of the iBook format. There are split pages with interactive sliding elements and embedded videos. Knolling has inspired many of my designs because it has it basis in the art of geometric shapes and form. Organization also plays a huge role in knolling and is easily interpreted into applications within graphic design.






©Andrew Kim

Check out the full book at the following link and download it for $1.99.


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