Pumking & Warlock Rebranding & Repackaging

Pumpkins. Beer. Battlestar Galactica.

Southern Tier is easily one of my top breweries and their fall beer selection is top-notch. I chose to package their two fall beers into a collector’s set that could be sold during the fall season.  


This box is a monster.

It was constructed by hand from solid wood with the logo and branding intricately engraved on the lid. This is something built to last. The box has enough room for each growler to sit lovingly cradled in a bed of pumpkin seeds, great for cracking opening and enjoying with a cold mug of beer. 

A solidly constructed box.

The stuff that matters.

Now for the actual beer.

Each beer comes in a reusable 32 ounce growler, which is great for sharing and makes the perfect party gift. The beers are differentiated by color and a unique icon stamped prominently on each label. Turn the bottle slightly to the left and you will be presented with a dazzling infographic detailing all the stats you need to know about the brew. Learn about the correct glass to serve it, temperature to drink it at and of course the ABV.