Wayfinder: A Student's Guide to Exploring Atlanta

Let's Go Eat at the Cafeteria Again...

A phrase heard all too often around campus. That question is generally accompanied with "Where should we go eat?", "There is nothing GOOD to eat on campus" or "I don't know where else to eat."  Our creative team sought out to create a publication and resource that could answer all those questions yet remain accessible to students.  Enter Wayfinder.  A quarterly publication that profiles what is good in Atlanta and what is worth doing on Georgia State University's campus. This includes places to eat, views to see, people to know and events to attend.  We have currently launched our first two issues and have our Summer issue currently in the works.


The city is alive with unique people.

We didn't know when we set out to do this project the enthusiam and support we would receive from the many different shop owner's and students that we had the chance to talk to. For our first issue we interviewed Abbas and Ibrahim from a local on campus coffee shop called Ébrìk Coffee Room. In our 30-minute interview session we learned a lot about the state of Atlanta's downtown landscape as well their hopes and dreams for how to change it. These were two of the most exciting and passionate people I had talked to in recent memory and without taking the time to sit down with them I may have never heard their story. This accounts for just a fraction of the conversations we had throughout the creation of Wayfinder and is the primary thing that drives us to continue what we started. 

The stories and the people.

Wayfinder or: How I Came to Love Indesign

Sweat the details.

Wayfinder was printed on Neenah Classic Natural White 80lb text and cover with each issue fitting neatly (and sustainably) on a single 13x19 sheet of paper with the covers printed separately. The issues were hand-bound along the spine and distributed to various locations around campus for students and city-folk to peruse.  Our team personally visited and vouched for each location we featured in order to make sure that it was a worthwhile visit for our audience. While at each location we shot stunning original photography for each issue which you can see throughout this page as well as in print and our digital ebook